Corporate Responsibility Statement

Our Key principles guide us in all that we do.


Commitment to our sponsors

Our commitment to our Sponsors is expressed in our Vision statement: Our vision is to become a globally recognised best-in-class CRO, servicing the cannabinoid and psychedelic industry.

We cannot achieve this without putting our sponsors first of mind to support their clinical development needs and produce high quality, regulatory approved data.


Commitment to our people

Our people are the cornerstone of our business. We are committed to providing an inclusive and diverse working environment where our people feel rewarded and motivated in a supportive environment that has their physical and mental wellbeing front of mind.

This has ensured we have attracted the best possible people to lead and work in our organisation, to grow our knowledge base and support the vision of becoming a best in class CRO.

Our focus is on high standards across diversity, employee satisfaction health and wellbeing strategies and remuneration.


Commitment to our patients

Quality of patient care as a guiding principle for iNGENU ensures that patient outcomes are delivered optimally. The efficient delivery of clinical outcomes to our sponsors ensures that our patients have access to the best possible treatment for their disease.

We are committed to breaking down the social stigma associated with alternative therapies to ensure that no patient is without the option to receive a treatment that may significantly impact their condition, physically, mentally and emotionally.

As part of this commitment, we take every opportunity to educate and inform our key stakeholders throughout the development pathway.


Commitment to humanity

iNGENU is a small cog in a big wheel and understands what the commitment to the greater good outside of our organisation can have on the wider community.

iNGENU has committed to donating x% of all profits from our cannabinoid research to World Cancer Research Fund and x% of all profits from psychedelic research to Brain & Behaviour Research Foundation.